Ian Stone Reviewed at Piccadilly London Comedy Club

So what becomes of the older comedian? The comic who has done 25 years on the circuit? Does he fade away or die?

As a nation our media are constantly thrusting new young things at us in every art form, and the Edinburgh festival churns out an almost endless supply of oh-so-cool headline grabbing comedians ready for a panel show near you, followed by Guardian column inches and an under-attended UK tour. Where do the circuit regulars that have been entertaining comedy clubs around country for the last couple of decades go when the very circuit they earn their crust on morphs and changes under their feet? They adapt or die.

Ian Stone, twenty years of gigging at the highest level and generally considered to be one of the UK’s top ten circuit comics, has adapted and flourished by just being himself.

The fanatical football fan and ardent Gooner has a hit radio show he presents with former idol Ian Wright, a post game TV show on BT Sport and guests on Fighting Talk and other sports based radio and TV shows. He found his niche on TV and radio and is doing very well thank you very much. He rarely gigs outside his native London because he doesn’t have to, which idead handy if you happen to be a central London comedy club that he happens to love playing.

Because Stoney (as he is known by some) is very much a tour-da-force as a live comedian. It’s on stage that his adaptability really shines through as he pulls apart current events and our ruling elite with the glee of a man who knows what he wants to say and has the punchlines to say it.

Always happy riffing with audience members on this week’s news or delving into his large locker or well honed material, his natural rhythm takes the audience with him to look at the world through his eyes.

Yes, it’s a Guardian reading lefty world-view of mocking racism, politicians (of all sides), religion and his own life. But it’s the way he makes his every-man persona so relevant to today’s world married to his innate and well-honed comedic skill that makes Ian Stone such a compelling and unmissable act. And a real fans favourite at Piccadilly Comedy Club.