Luke Toulson at Piccadilly Comedy Club London

Ever thought about having kids?
If so, make sure you see Luke Toulson first. He has two, and this lovable grump’s tales may well make you think twice. Ultra high-status Toulson seems to be on a quest to get one over on his off-spring but nearly always ends up falling flat on his face. His ambitions as a parent are ground down by the reality of child rearing. So he often ends up sounding like an over competitive dad taking harmless games a notch too far ending in tears or worse still, a trip to A&E.

Luke Toulson cuts an imposing figure on stage, part Jesus part Edwin Van Der Sar. He uses his hight and wiry frame to inform his natural stage presence. And he has nailed the British technique of labelling everything as sub-standard and a bit rubbish but in an almost fond way. He can wrangle misery from otherwise happy occasions such as a shared bath, a stag night, playing shop with his little girl or a proposing on the London Eye. The only time he relents is to tells us that he really does love his girlfriend and kids “as it doesn’t really come across in the material”. And it is the material that that does most to separate him from a miserable bloke moaning in a pub. His writing is sharp and informed and for all of his grouchyness he is never far from a killer punchline and a wonderful turn of phrase.

A confident and driven comedian who already has a best Perrier Newcomer Edinburgh nomination under his belt, Toulson is making the step up to top rank of stand up comedians. An excellent appearance on Russell Howard’s Good News will surely be followed by more TV, so the future is bright for this terrific comedian. I would try to catch him soon if I were you, another persons insecurities and misery has never sounded so funny. Just don’t take the kids.