Mat Ewins at Piccadilly London Comedy Club

Silly, original and completely incomprehensible Mat Ewins’ is a comic tour de force. To describe what’s going on would be an exercise in futility (it would take page upon page and even then it wouldn’t make any sense) but it involves “old school” mother-in-law jokes… And by old school, we are talking Henry VIII (he had a lot of mother-in-laws I suppose) performing a James Bond script with the audience working sound effects and editing the filth out of a poem, again featuring a hapless audience member. On the way there are numerous digressions and tangents that aim to lose the audience in an orgy of absurdity. The effects are marvellous.

Ewins is a natural and gifted performer. The timing and delivery of his jokes are always spot on. His humour is inventive yet seemingly natural. Despite the artificial nature of the show we buy completely into it due to the force and likeability of Ewins himself.

The audience interaction is very strong. One audience member shrieking like a banshee on laughing gas when not very much was happening was repeatedly called out by Ewins. Though not in any mean spirited way; just a comment here and there to diffuse the audience’s frustration allowing him to move swiftly on with his act.

An admirably strong comic with a unique vision. He is a joy to listen to, to look at and most of all to laugh with.