Profile on Matthew Highton

Stand up is by tradition fairly confrontational. So it’s a real delight to come across a comedian with a warmer, gentler approach. I say come across… but Matthew Highton has been around for a while. Originally a perpetrator of the surreal and outlandish, he has developed into an intriguing story-teller of real ability and wit. He mines his outsider status to full effect, and for someone still young (though everyone is young in my eyes these days) he has clearly lived… and he has the stories to show for it. Night terrors, shark attacks, extreme practical jokes, being attaced by birds. Each story is as engaging, and crucially as funny, as the next.
Relocated to London from swinging Oldham and looking part Dennis The Menace part Russell Brand, Matthew Highton has just enough rock & roll about him to carve himself a niche in the comedy world. Though if he does carve that niche, something weird and wonderful would undoubtedly happen to it.

I thought I would be fun to catch up with him and see what he is really like…



So, pretty bonkers then.

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