Profile On Alistair Williams

There is something slightly old fashioned about Alistair Williams, though he would almost certainly hate me saying that. He is a young comedian on the way up, and he certainly doesn’t have any out of date views or old school opinions. It just that with Alistair, it’s all about the jokes.
His approach to comedy is all about the material and hitting those punchlines as quickly as he can. He does not want to talk to the audience, or play with the concept of comedy. He wants to make you laugh. A lot. And he succeeds.
His delivery is super quick fire, with a natural fast rhythm that fires out jokes and stories at a super fast rate burning a lot of material as he goes. Luckily, he is super-prolific and for a newish act has a vast array of funnies to get through. And those funnies are very funny indeed. His routine about living in a basement flat is one of the strongest and funniest I have heard in a long time, but the consistency never wavers as he fires out high quality comedy at an almost breakneck speed.
As a young comedian he has reached the final of numerous new act competitions, winning our own one in 2014.  The sheer quality of his comedy and his rapid fire delivery make Alistair a must-see comedian for those looking for straight out laughs. And in my opinion, mark him out as a rising star.

I thought I would catch up with him to see what he has to say for himself. Though in keeping with his style of low interaction, it wasn’t much…

Where are you at this moment, and is it nice?
I’m in a media sales office. Take a flying guess. 

How long have you been performing for, and why?
2 years, Because I want to die rich or homeless and by becoming a stand up I’ll be sure to hit one of my goals

What do you do outside of performing stand up comedy?
I actually work in media sales. Don’t worry, i plan on topping myself.  

You talk about once working for Foxtons. Have you no self-respect?
I didn’t realise you guys actually listened to my act. You just became my favorite comedy club.

Describe your comedy using only the titles of songs that you like…

What are your favourite comedy clubs (remember who’s asking this)?
Piccadilly Comedy Club is genuinely my favourite. 

Who’s funeral would you most like to attend and why?
Elton John. Purely for the catering. You know that buffet is going to kill it. 

And finally, what have you got planned for the rest of the day?
I’m walking my dog, I love my dog.