Profile On… Njambi McGrath

As a newcomer, Njambi McGrath reached the finals of most of the new comedian competitions, coming second in our own Piccadilly Comedy Club London New Comedian Of The Year final a couple of years ago.
Since then she has gone from strength to strength. Because Njambi breaks down her act into bite sized jokes, it’s easy to miss the seriousness of many of the topics her comedy covers. These include her African heritage, poverty, famine, immigration, class and even genital mutilation.
Delivered with more charm than a fairies wand, her innate ability to head straight for the punchline always ensures the laughter metre stays high, even if some people (wrongly) feel that she is being a little too glib about such serious subjects.
The fast turnover “one-liner” style of comedy is often seen as the preserve of balding white men of a certain age and girth, with jokes about everyday observations, clever word-play, the mother-in-law or surreal quips. Seeing an African woman adopt this style to talk about her life can sometime throw some people off. Don’t be thrown, sit back and admire the sharpness of the writing matched with the charming delivery. And allow yourself to laugh about some very real subjects. You won’t regret it.


Where are you at this moment, and is it nice?
I am in my garden, working on my Edinburgh show The Devil’s Door Bell. Its sunny and all the spring flowers are in full bloom 🙂


What made you first want to perform comedy?
I work in adult education and one of my clients suggested it.


What do you do outside of performing stand up comedy?
I work in women’s health, all aspects of childbirth. I have been involved with projects looking at birth outcomes for mothers and babies of ethnic minorities, working on reductions of caesarean birth rates and more


Describe your comedy using only the titles of songs & films that you like
Out of Africa, Coming to America, Alien in New York, Uptown girl, Jungle book, I am every woman,


What are your favourite comedy clubs (remember who’s asking this)?
Of course Piccadilly Comedy Club London and Heavenly comedy clubs


What’s your best party trick?
I can turn up my eye lids… yuck


Describe your best and worst gigs?
My best gig ever was when I wrote a 5 min set as a new comic and performed at angel comedy and for the first time I stormed it. I couldn’t sleep that night. The worst gig was performing in front of 200 people in lichfield to stunned silence. I could have been an alien from outer space



What is your biggest ambition?
I would like my book to get published and hopefully turned into a film. I would also like to have a show like Oprah.


What would you cook us if you invited us to yours for dinner?
I would cook you pepper crusted sea bass, on a bed of spring greens and sweet potato and swede mash, rich double chocolate cake with strawberries and mascarpone cheese for desert


What have you got planned for the rest of the day?
Finish working on my set and get ready for my gig in Tonbridge

More on Njambi? Visit here website HERE